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The American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry is a multidisciplinary group of health care professionals and consumers, dedicated to providing fuller, integrated care for children and adults. AAPMD focuses on issues relating to...

The Challenges of Airway Obstruction

Today, there is an intensified awareness of the multiple role sleep plays in both health and disease, in both the public and professional sectors. Not so recognized, but equally important, are the multiple ways in which oral pathology and dental dysfunction are frequently amplified into upper airway obstruction and resultant body disease and disability. 

A Team Approach to Treatment

For these reasons, optimal diagnosis and treatment of airway-related issues often demands the attention of both dental and medical professionals working as a team, guiding both diagnosis and treatment processes for the benefit of the patient. 

We invite both the consumer and the professional practitioner to explore for intelligent insight into many of the common health problems suffered by people today. For consumers, our mission is to help them find the quality professionals in your area that can be the entry point on the path to preventing and treating airway obstruction-related issues.

AAPMD stands ready to bring consumers and health care practitioners together for a more fluid and effective health care system in this country. Thank you for playing a part. 

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