Would You Follow the Advice You Give to Your Patients? Part II

Howard Hindin

My Journey is to see if I can follow the advice I would offer patients to help them achieve optimal health by addressing the “Four Pillars of Health”.

How healthy I can and want to be! Today, I will share my efforts to improve and restore my Airway/Sleep pillar.

New Section Leaders Announced!

AAPMD Section Leaders

Today’s complex multi-causal health problems require a team approach for obtaining the most optimal and enduring result. Understanding the resources that other practitioners can provide is essential to connecting the … Read More

Forward Head Position: Smartphone, Airway, or Both?

An obstructed airway and the repeated checking your phone both can lead to a forward head position posture resulting in neck pain and other problems. If caused by any of the may factors that lead to an obstructed airway, then it is compensation to breathe better.